Laser Cut Buckyfullerene

Introduction to Fabrication

14 Nov 2018

This week I continued with my obsession with the buckysphere geometry. It has become my white whale this semester. After experimenting with different ways of forming them I still have not exactly solved this puzzle but this week I got closer.


The assignment was to use the laser cutter and I thought that having a computer aid would help me make my polygons since I could cut with precision. I purchased a 12x12” hobby pine from Blicks and used my previous templates to cut out the shapes I would need. 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons, 32 shapes total.

picture of lasercutting pineboard

Last week I made wire armatures, but to mydismay many of them had become misshapen from my locker, and they were too imperfect to use as an armature.

picture of armature not fitting I decided to use some of my leftover wire to build supports for the shapes. I cut pieces of wire and used tape in the interior as supports.

picture of interior armature I then glued the shapes together in pieces.


picture of finished pine buckysphere

While this attempt has been better than previous ones, there are still some gaps in the final shape. The pieces fit together in a very precise way so any mistaken angle will come back to wreak havoc in the final fitment.

The next step I want to do is to use wood putty to fill the cracks and paint the sphere.

Until next time.

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