A Trip To Micro Center

10 Oct 2018

This is actually a personal project that I hope to extend to my other projects.

On my day off last week I made a stop at Micro Center in Brooklyn. I specifically was going on a recommendation from Alden about $5 Raspberry Pi Zero and I wanted a Teensyduino that would be able to send USB signals. When I was there I felt like a kid in a candy shop and walked out with much more than I intended to get.

I walked out with:

My plan is to install Kali Linux on one of the Pi Zeros to make a portable hacking device to learn more about networks and how they work. The Teensy is a result from earlier attempts to make a keyboard and running into limitations imposed by the Arduino Uno. I’m pretty pleased with my purchases, but I’m realizing I’m going down a rabbit hole of buying a bunch of peripherals I’m not quite sure I need, and the more I buy the more I need to buy. Like I need to get a Micro USB hub and an external antennae for my Zeros.