Auto Closing Box Digital Io Lab

Introduction to Physical Computing

30 Sep 2018

I tried making a useless machine as part of the lab to learn digital input and output. I am using a servomotor and a HC-SR04 ultra-sonic distance sensor to control the motor. I wanted to make a box that would close as people approach it. To accomplish this I made a small box out of cardboard that could fit my breadboard and controller.

Originally I wanted to use my NodeMCU board to interface with the sensor. But I found out that the HC-SR04 required 5v of power however the board only proves 3.3v.. I didn’t have any extra batteries so I had to rewire it for my Arduino.

The distance sensor is also quite erratic, I’ll have to re think if this is the best way to sense a person’s presence.

inside of box servo opening the top Parts in place