Guest Lecturer Searchlight Pictures

24 Sep 2018

Last week’s guest speakers were Pamela and Paco from Skylight Pictures, a Brooklyn based human rights media oranization. They work primarily with disenfranchised communitities to give them a voice. In those communities story telling is a means of survival.

Pam and Paco made a trilogy over the course of 35 years about the Guatemalan civil war - When The Mountains Tremble, Granito, and 500 Years. Though they often work with communities in Latin America, they discuss the importance of looking inwards making a film on the KKK and white nationalism in the United States.

Together they started Solidarilabs which gets activists and filmmakers an opportunity to work together and share ideas. The two mention the importance of beta testing with the community when working with marginalized communities.

A memorable quote they said was that power can be equalized on screen -

“A Guatemalan peasant can be cut against the President for equal screentime.”