Programming Keyboard

Introduction to Physical Computing

21 Sep 2018

This fun little project was to make a simple circuit. I wanted to try making a keyboard but I found out that neither the NodeMCU or Arduino Uno are capable of sending USB signals. I’ll have to revisit it in the future and use either a Maker Zero or a Teensy, but I went ahead and made the switches anyways. I found an old Dell keyboard in the junk shelf so I took apart the keyboard and kept the control, ‘C’, and ‘V’ keys.

For actuation I used the rubber membrane and cut out pieces I needed. (BTW membrane switches are 👎.) Roland gave me a sheet of acrylic so I lasercut a small case for my keyboard. I used machine screws to close it. The actual switches are constructed by conductive tape and made a small mechanism that keeps the tapes from contacting eachother.

The circuit was pretty simple. I wired it so that pressing down the Control will close the circuit and provide power to the circuit, pressing the ‘C’ or the ‘V’ key will complete the circuit for the leds.