Lab 1

Introduction to Physical Computing

12 Sep 2018

Today we had the first lab and Tom Igoe presented a basic introduction to the tools we’ll be using in class: Arduino microcontroller, breadboard, multi-meter. He showed an example of some simple circuits - introducing LED’s, switches, etc.

After class I worked in the lab. I made a pretty basic circuit using some cool toggle switches I found. Flipping the switch turns off and on the LED. :thumbsup:

What I was working on (and eventually gave up on) was to use two led’s and toggle between them with the switch. I was able to get them to light up at the same time with the switch or all stay on. I’ll keep working on this problem as I try to understand more about wiring.

On another note I was able to get my Lolin Node MCU ESP8266 to interface with the Arduino IDE. In the past I had a lot of trouble getting it to work with Arduino, but I followed more steps to get it to work.

  1. Downloaded and installed driver for lolin.
  2. Flashed the ESP8266
  3. Configured Arduino IDE. I set the board to NodeMCU
  4. Make sure to check the pinout for the esp
  5. Make sure to set baud rate 9600