Setting Up A Beast

08 Sep 2018

Earlier this week I received a sweet delivery from California, basically my most prized possessions. AKA my tower PC, two giant monitors, my bicycle and assorted odds and ends. I didn’t have time earlier during the week, but as soon as the weekend came I rushed home to start assembling my items.

Unfortunately, after laboriously connecting a seemingly endless supply of cables and wires, my PC did not power. Even more odd was that no error codes displayed. After an afternoon of removing components and testing each part I realized that one of the PSU cables (the one responsible for powering Dr. Debug) was knocked loose. I also found out that one my sticks of RAM died. Luckily, I have an ungodly amount of memory. :neckbeard:

I haven’t been able to use this machine in a long long time. So today, I decided to update it to my new work style. I got rid of Sublime editor and now use VS Code. :wink: I ran a huge laundry list of updates for Windows 7.

Lately I have preferred using Ubuntu for my programming environment. If only because I like Terminal more than CMD. :laughing: But TBH I like separating my work spaces. I use Windows for media production e.g. Adobe CC, Ableton DAW, C4D, etc. and I prefer using Linux for development. Although, sometimes as a relatively new Linux user, I can find it a little daunting. However, I generally find it a speedier environment than Windows.

I installed the newest release of Ubuntu 18.0.4 in order to test-drive it. I have been using Ubuntu 16.04 on my portable workstation so I thought I would try the latest. TBH it is quite a bit different, so I’ll reserve judgement for a few days. But TBH there was quite a bit of configuring that I needed to do to get the OS running on my tower.

Set up included installing the drivers for my WIFI dongle, ANEWKODI. This was quite difficult since I had no internet access which I needed to install a bunch of missing updates and software packages for Ubuntu. E.g. Build essentials, Make, etc. Finally I had manually change the monitor display to allow 1920x1080 because Ubuntu only had up to 800x600 for some reason.

Anyways, I’m super stoked to have my old pal here to work on again. I hope that this will give me some more freedom so that I don’t have to lug my laptop back and forth. But, there is still a lot of setup left to do but overall I’m quite pleased. 🙋