Guest Lecture: Carter Emmart


04 Sep 2018

Today was the first day of the Applications class at NYU ITP. It is meant as a seminar class for incoming ITP students to be exposed to different applications of technology. Practicing artists, scientists, technologists and more have applied interactivity to their work. This marks the beginning of my ITP experience and so far I have met individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and I am again energized to make new work.

Guest lecturer: Carter Emmart

This week’s guest lecturer was Carter Emmart, an astronomer working at the American Museum of Natural History. He is one of the leads of the Open Space Project, an open source interactive data visualization project. The project visualizes the solar system and allows for interactive presentation of astronomical data.

Mixed notes from lecture

Group 1

I was placed in Group 1 for Applications where we will have to present a response to the guest lecture. We met after the class to share take-aways from the lecture. Interesting discussion points